Freedom in Quarantine

Can quarantine be a time for personal growth?
Get insight into the wisdom of ages to treasure the true freedom no pandemic can take away from you.

The pandemic confronts us with big questions about ourselves and our society. Can philosophy offer enlightenment? This book gives insight into the wisdom of ages on being a free human being. It proposes a way to integrate some of the best insights from European philosophy to understand ourselves and those around us more deeply. In this way we can appreciate the good in each other and find ways to sustainable personal growth.

In the Spanish-speaking world the philosopher Leonardo Polo is regarded as an expert in the field of philosophical anthropology, which contains the philosophical study of freedom. His “lo radical y la libertad” (root and freedom) is an impressive short summary of the main points in the European thought tradition on the human being and freedom. His work has inspired many students and will open new horizons for you. Students commented that “it was the single most inspiring text” during their studies.

In “Freedom in Quarantine”, Daniel Bernardus will introduce the most important points of “lo radical y la libertad”, before you can dive into Polo's original text. In this way you’ll get an inspiring overview of the most important insights on being a free human being in European thought. 

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What you will discover

In “Freedom in Quarantine” you will discover
- Why in modern times production and creative freedom are so highly valued and why that goes together with uncertainty.
- Why the modern ideal of freedom has entered a postmodern crisis.
- Why the classical view of freedom can give more serenity, but where it is lacking.
- What insights Christian thinkers have to offer about personal freedom.
- How we can combine the strong points of the different streams of thought.
- What that means for being a free human being, also in times of quarantine!

Finally, you will get deeper insight into what being a free human being truly entails. You will look at yourself and the people around you with other eyes. The philosophical mirror will help you appreciate all the good things in yourself and in others, while receiving inspiration for continuing personal growth.

If you feel the need to reflect about big questions in these times, and you’re not afraid of a popular philosophy approach then this is your book.

Buy Freedom in Quarantine now to understand yourself and those around you more deeply. Find new appreciation for yourself and others and discover new paths towards personal growth.

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Reviewer’s words

At a time when our daily routines have been rudely interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and our social relations shaken by global protests against racism, we have the opportunity for a radical review of our lives: of our habits, goals, values, even what it means to be human. It is a time for deep thinking.

For anyone who dares to undertake this exercise, Freedom in Quarantine will be an invaluable aid. Daniel Bernardus introduces the work of philosopher Leonardo Polo, who then takes us to the root of contemporary culture and examines it in the light of two other “roots” that have shaped the West but are increasingly ignored: the classical (Greek) tradition and the Christian one.

But that is not all. Polo shows how these roots inter-relate and proposes a synthesis that can both increase individual freedom and strengthen social cohesion. Whoever feels the need of these things should take up this short book and grapple with its ideas. At the very least they will get a fresh perspective on 21st century problems. At best, they will gain a richer and more satisfying view of life.

Carolyn Moynihan,
Deputy Editor

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