"Know thyself" it was inscribed
In the court of Delphi's temple,
And wisely so, for it is indeed
Still the clue to our whole life.

Daniel Bernardus

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Receive a mini course on “The Meanings of Success” when you sign up for the free E-zine “Relax, Relate, Reflect about Big Questions”. Can a pandemic be a time of personal growth, and even of personal success?

The Small Reset

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Economic Forum has proposed a great reset of capitalism, which would lead to fairer market outcomes, and reaching shared goals like equality and sustainability. Perhaps what we need much more is a “small reset”, a new way for each of us to approach our professional lives. Here’s for one proposal to do just that, via the novel “Win Win Win”.

Can we change our professional lives, one mindset at a time?

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Why, Daniel?

Why all this interest in personal growth? It’s just who I am… a philosophically minded biologist and liberal arts scholar interested in the human heart.

I would like to help people to get to know their own hearts and find the way to integral personal growth through non-fiction and stories.

I write for people of all backgrounds who are interested in personal growth, and are open to be inspired by an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates insights from science, philosophy, and (catholic) Christian religion and spirituality.

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Receive a mini course on “The Meaning of Success” for personal growth
when you sign up for the free bi-monthly E-zine “Relax, Relate, Reflect about Big Questions”.

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